Angel’s Triumph

ANGEL’S TRIUMPH is a feel good story about people who are born into a destiny of God’s making. They are guided throughout their lives by angels giving them instructions that sometimes are unclear as to their purpose, but reveal themselves as time progress.

Angel, the daughter of Jack and Jenn Pearson, was blessed as a young child with the power to heal. That God given gift was taken away and now she is consecrated with the special ability to know a patient*s health condition before they are diagnosed.

She enters Johns Hopkins medical school when she is only eighteen and discovers that her new capabilities come with restrictions, responsibilities and the danger from individuals who seek their benefits. Soon after Angel starts her studies, Olivia, the family*s guardian angel, needs to intervene in a situation that has put Angel in Danger.
Will Olivia succeed in saving Angel so she can move forward in life, find new friends and possibly a love interest? Or, will Olivia be too late?

ANGEL’S TRIUMPH is the second book of the Salvation Trilogy and follows the life of the Pearson family. SALVATION is the first in the series.