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Purple & Princess Sunflower

It is time to escape to Sunflower Shangri-La!  These whimsical flowers will show you how to have fun in the sun!  Purple & Princess Sunflower will capture your hearts and have you dancing to the rhythm of life. Princess Sunflower says, “Manifest your Best!  Take a chance!  Turn on some music and DANCE!”

About Tisha

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Tisha is an author, poet and songwriter.  She has always loved writing, especially magical, mystical fantasy.  Tisha wrote her first poem in the back of her grandparents’ VW Bus when she was 10.  Tisha is thrilled to feature her first poem, “LOVE”, in her first published children’s book.  Tisha writes her stories for children of all ages because she believes everyone has an inner child craving and deserving peace, love and happiness.

Carver’s Box

Duncan Sheets and his neighbor Tina Ng find a locked box that has been buried for decades in the basement of a rickety old house. Inside the mysterious container are historical letters written by American scientist and inventor George Washington Carver. These letters are worth a fortune.

The two friends hide the box with the intentions of sifting through the contents at a later date. However, when they return to the treasured box, it has vanished. The disappearance launches Duncan and Tine, accompanied by Professor Sheets, Duncan’s father, into a harrowing adventure. They are plunged into a dark world of deceit and danger that tests their wit, will and faith.

Duncan and Tina’s journey is a blend of mystery historical events and growth in Christian faith.

Destined to Love Again

On the heels of a breakup from her long-time boyfriend, whom she now questions she ever really loved him, Abby Dennison leaves Orlando for Tampa. She walks away from the painful memories and a situation she knows displeases God.

In Tampa she takes a position as a school nurse in a prestigious boarding academy. She needs a second chance at life but doesn’t want a second chance at love. Then the school handy-man Sam shows gentle persistence and steady goodness as he tries to persuade her to go out with him.

She can’t deny the attraction, but she’s not ready to take the risk of dating someone new. Her heart needs to heal. She wonders if God might be preparing a future for her with the handsome Sam Ford.…However, is she willing to let go of the past to allow herself to love again?

About Lois

Lois was born in Arkansas, raised in Salem, Oregon and moved to Missouri when she was fifteen.

She holds a position as Director of Nursing at the Laclede County Health Department. She has been a nurse for many years and brings her love of healing and years of experience into the character of Abby, the female protagonist in her debut novel, Destined to Love Again.

Curran is a member of Ozarks Romance Authors, American Christian Fiction Writers and Sleuths-Ink Mystery Writers.


Nogard the Dyslexic Dragon

Nogard the Dragon, has a big day ahead of him. After his flight training, he is to head off to the Red Top Mountains. His problem is not flying, as he is great at that, but instead, his ability to read directions becomes quite obvious when he gets lost on his first solo flight.

Will Nogard find out why the letters bounce and flip around when he tries to read? Will he ever reach his destination? Find out what happens to Nogard the Dyslexic Dragon.

Children Did You Know, Santa Believes – Story and Coloring books

This is a wonderful tale to let everyone know that Santa believes in the true meaning of Christmas. What is that? The celebration of the birth of Jesus!

Every holiday season we see the symbols of Christmas all around us, but some of us don’t know what they symbolize. In this children’s story, Santa shares with us what those symbols are, and what they represent.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Bottom’s Up

When patient Chris Wayne is brought in to the urgent care clinic for a laceration on his backside, Nurse Practitioner Shelly Jinsen is taken aback by his refusal to let her stitch him up. Her anger is put aside when he finally agrees to let her treat him and she thinks he’s a nice guy. It has been a long time since a man has tipped her emotions over the edge, but she’s romantically interested in this handsome cowboy and accepts his invitation for a lunch date.

Country music star Chris Brock realizes Nurse Jinsen has no idea who he is. She only knows his given name Chris Wayne, not his stage name of Brock. His interest in her is so strong he doesn’t want to tell her about his #1 hit songs or his career in the music business. He doesn’t really go for groupies and longs for a normal connection with a woman. He’s pleased when she accepts his lunch offer, and continues his charade during their outing. However, when he sees her at his concert at Caesars Palace he knows the gig is up.

Will Shelly recognize that Chris Wayne Brock isn’t the nice guy she thought he was? Or will their short relationship survive his lies?

Bye Bye, Sweet Susie

Just before Jeff Timberlake’s mother dies, she hands him an envelope and instructs him to deliver it to an old friend in the town of Marlow, Missouri. This suits him fine because Marlow is on the way to St. Louis where he’s going to apply for a newsman job at a radio station.

When he hits the outskirts of Marlow he sees a billboard that reads…‘SUSIE McCORD DIED HERE’. The words pique his newsman’s interest. Is Susie McCord a celebrity? Is she someone he should know? He’s not sure, but one thing he is sure of, the town folks clam up when he starts asking questions about Susie. His journalistic nose tells him something raunchy is going on in the city of Marlow.

Will he get caught up in the politics of the small town or will he be able to find out the mystery behind the death of Susie McCord; a woman who only moments before he read the billboard he couldn’t have cared less about? Moreover, will his obsession of finding out what happened to Susie sidetrack him from delivering his mother’s envelope to the mysterious stranger?