Knights of the Arrowhead

By Dr. Jerry Terrebrood: Tucker Spence carries love in his heart for Becky, a girl with whom he shared a youthful romantic encounter with one summer in the late 1850’s. His love never fades even though she goes on to marry another. Years pass, then her husband, a rich Kentucky horse breeder and politician, solicits […]

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The Will and the Wisp

Set in the 1800’s, O.C. Armstrong is a Mississippi tenant farmer that shares the crops with his brother-in-law Bud, and good friend old black Neil. When the men stumble upon a treasure the Wisp seems to offer a warning of doom, and the Native Indians tell them the treasure is evil. Then life takes an […]

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Wet Dogs Don’t Ride

David A. Estes Amazon: Wet Dogs | B & N: Wet Dogs Dubbed a hero by some and a coward by others, Dan Redford, a scout for Custer’s Seventh Cavalry, is the only survivor of the battle of Little Big Horn. When he hears his daughter Ashley is in the clutches of evil Uncle Sid, […]

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