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Jane Shewmaker Hale, Firecracker Lady Jane, lives in the Missouri Ozarks  on the Hale Family farm where she and her late husband, Bob, raised four sons, Rick, Reg, Mitch, and Lucas Hale.

Each son cultivated their own crop:

Rick has three sons, Blaine, Nathan, and Zach.

Reg and Gai, have two sons, Chase and Colby, and one daughter, Cali.

Mitch has two sons, Nick and A.J., and one daughter, Chayla

Lucas has one son, Jacob.

Five and ½ great grandchildren were harvested from a crop of ten grandchildren, currently. Reg’s son, Chase and wife, Jeanne, have one son, Easton, and one daughter, Atleigh, and another one on the way. Reg’s daughter, Cali and husband, Ty Sharp, have three daughters, Addie, Ellie, and Laney.

All of the Hale’s love stories and Jane loves to compose stories. She is the author of a series of YA mystery books, Wonderland, Heartland, Foreverland, and  Boomland.

Each book has a companion stuffed animal, Ringo Reindeer, Rascal, the Cyber Rat, Cackleberry Chick, and Freddy Freedom.

Jane wrote a weekly column, Buffalo, As I remember it., in the County Courier for over twenty years in the voice of her childhood, Little Janie Shewmaker,

Jane’s gift books include, Every Day Is Mother’s Day, and Every Day Is Father’s Day

She is the author of numerous award winning short stories in Mysteries of the Ozarks; four volumes published and promoted by Ozark Writers’ Inc of which she is president. Other short stories by Jane Hale are published in various anthologies.

Jane Shewmaker Hale is active in Hale family businesses including Hale Fireworks LLC, who retails in 6-8 states and wholesales throughout the United States. Because of her background in Pyrotechnics, Jane is known as ‘The Firecracker Lady” and has a 500 gram shell named for her.

Hale divides her time between the following businesses, Time Out Café, Hale Sportswear, The Market Place; FlowerWorks, Bison Acres Flea Market, and C J’s Bistros. Her mind is always actively compiling another writing project as she participates in contest competitions with her son, Mitch, who is a published author, also.

Jane graduated from Buffalo High School (Dallas County R-1) and attended Southwest Missouri State (SMSU). She is a charter member of the

Dallas County R-1 Alumni Committee; President, since 1971. Each year the committee produces three pageants, Mini-Miss & Mini-Master,

Little Miss, and Miss Dallas County. As a part of the pageant program, Jane composes the introduction poetry for the Little Miss pageant (12-50 girls annually) and dramatics for Miss DC.

Jane is a living example of ‘ if you want something done ask a busy person’. Click on her website www.firecrackerlady.com where she promises to give you One-Hale-of-a-deal.

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