Knights of the Arrowhead

By Dr. Jerry Terrebrood:

Tucker Spence carries love in his heart for Becky, a girl with whom he shared a youthful romantic encounter with one summer in the late 1850’s. His love never fades even though she goes on to marry another.

Years pass, then her husband, a rich Kentucky horse breeder and politician, solicits Tuck’s help. He states Becky’s been kidnapped by a former friend Klaus Vogel and he wants Tuck to bring her home.

Tuck and his friend Jim, who are both veterans of the civil war, set out on the trek. When they arrive in the area they suspect Becky is, they learn she is indeed being held against her will and being mistreated.

Deceit, murder and mayhem follow Tuck and Jim every step of their journey and they have to use deadly force to ward off their foes. Tuck becomes suspicious of Becky’s husband’s motive for wanting her found, and his blood boils, which only makes him more determined to save her.

In the midst of this turmoil, Tuck wonders if Becky will remember him. Will she still feel the affection they shared in their youth, or have the years erased the memories? He prays he will find out, but will he get there in time to save her?

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