Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Book 3 – Max Black Series

By Ike Keene:

It is the 1950’s with one war over and another beginning. Max Black’s friend Cary ends up dead, shot execution style, which puts Max on the trail of his killer.

Max searches Cary’s apartment for a clue before his friend Pat arrives and finds a map drawn on a tomato sauce label. The map is the key to Cary’s killer but what does it mean? With the help of Shelly his secretary, and Fisk his main informant, Max slowly puts the puzzle together one piece at a time and discovers clues involving stolen diamonds worth over five million dollars and the city’s mob boss Lombardo’s casino revenue.

The action runs high as Max discovers the con men team of Jenny Stacks and her husband Jerry Ventura who have set their sights on Lombardo’s casino take and the diamonds which Lombardo has procured. There is also Mr. G, a mastermind criminal who wants the diamonds for himself. Max must keep a close eye on him as well as Willie Groves, a flapper from the probation era who has eyes on the take as well. Danger lurks around every corner as the action escalates.

Join Max as he sorts out the clues, shoots first and asks questions later to find Cary’s killer. Life in Springfield will never be the same.

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