Established 2014

September 3rd, 2018 was my first day back full time at PBP. I’m excited to get some of our backlog cleared out!

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience over the last year of bone breaks, surgeries, heart attacks and other health issues. It looks like the husband and I are both finally on the mend. You’re greatly appreciated and we treasure your business.

We want to do a great job for everyone, and getting bogged down isn’t a good way to accomplish our goal. If you’d like us to help you publish your book feel free to send it to me at sharon@paperback-press.com. However, it will be after the first of the year before we will be able to start any new projects. If you’d like your project to go into queue, they will be processed in the order they come in.

Again, thank you for your understanding, Sharon Kizziah-Holmes

Paperback-Press, a paid service provider, was founded by independent author Sharon Kizziah-Holmes and her husband Dennis. Sharon has been assisting writers in self-publishing since the mid 1990’s. In 2014 she observed many colleagues were under-compensated and under-served by small press/hybrid publishers (who typically require certain rights, demand purchase of a designated number of books and take part of the author’s royalties). As a result, she developed this affordable, professional indie assist publishing venue to serve fellow writers.

As a value-added, indie assist service provider, Paperback-Press works for and with independent authors who may utilize PBP’s brand while retaining the rights of a self-published author. (However, there is no obligation to use their brands or logos.) In being your partner in publishing, Paperback-Press does not require a minimum amount book purchase, does not receive royalties and the author keeps 100% of his or her rights.

PBP has also helped a number of well-established authors who previously had arrangements with traditional publishers. These authors see the value in partnering with Sharon’s company to re-release their titles.

In essence, PBP offers a unique option between the author doing all the work themselves before self-publishing, and an author being picked up and published by a traditional house. For example, an author can become tired or disappointed while waiting for a traditional publisher to respond to a submission. Then if an author is fortunate enough to be accepted by a traditional publisher, it can take up to two years, sometimes longer, to get the book released.

We can do better than that. If you are ready to publish your work, novel, short story/stories, memoir, novella, picture book, children’s book…Paperback-Press is the indie assist publishing partner for you!

For more information regarding services offered, or for a personal estimate on your project, email info@paperback-press.com.