Ajax & Elbow Grease

John Willingham comes home from the war and marries his high school sweetheart, Holly. The love of his life. However, his mother Clara is jealous of Holly and forces her out of his life.

To get away from Clara’s fiery attitude, John gets cozy with former prostitute, Josie Cramer. When Clara finds out about her son’s relationship with Josie, she becomes hell-bent to rescue her son from the clutches of ‘that evil woman’, and pays Josie a visit.

John discovers Josie’s naked body on the floor of her bedroom, then finds out about his mother’s visit warning Josie to ‘stay away from her son’. Holly and Clara are the only two women in his life he has really cared about. With his wife out of the picture, he doesn’t want his mother to go to jail for murder so he turns himself in.

Will John spend time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, or will justice prevail?