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African Safari: A Thematic Lesson Book for Teachers

This book was written to introduce students and teachers to the continent of Africa. It incorporates all core subjects plus music and art. Since Africa is a vast and diverse continent choose a section that most interests you and your students to center your focus. African Safaris was designed so that further studies might continue beyond a few nations that you choose.

How to Market a Book Someone Besides Your Mother Will Read

Writing a novel is a difficult and wonderful accomplishment. Most new authors fail to realize how much work still needs to be completed before even the editors, designers, and publishers have a crack at it. Why write this book? I wanted to share my marketing plan for new authors, beginning writers, and for dreamers who stare at notebooks and journals and long to make words into magic. You need to start your marketing plan from the moment you write your first paragraph.

Not all of the hints, advice or plans I offer will work for you, but some will. There won’t be time to do all of them, but you’ll have time to try many of these ideas. Some are more involved than others, but after you implement a few things, it will become easier. Don’t be afraid. You can do this. Take it from a shy, nerdy girl, who wanted to be a war correspondent, an astronaut and teacher, you just have to try.

There’s a Superhero in the Library

For ages 3-9… James loves Mrs. Bodenhammer, the school librarian. She introduced him to the magic of reading books. Then one day Mrs. Bodenhammer disappears and James discovers his beloved librarian has cancer. Even though he doesn’t understand how you get cancer James soon realizes it is serious.

When the new librarian shows up with no hair and dressed like a superhero James has to decide whether or not to open his heart to her. Soon they become great friends and he decides this superhero is awesome. A surprise awaits James the day he hears Mrs. Bodenhammer will soon return having recovered from cancer.

We rarely think about how our children are affected when their teacher becomes ill and unable to attend school. This light hearted tale of a little boy and the teacher he loves brings hope and joy in the scary world of cancer. James discovers that superheroes walk among us every day. Sometimes it’s just hard to see them.

Dance of the Devil’s Trill

He’s waited for her for nearly three centuries, but now that she’s here, he must convince her to sacrifice everything…

In 1740, the Archangel Rocco fought for soul of the composer Tartini and beat the devil, only to discover that Tartini kept the music the devil had offered in return for his soul. God showed his displeasure by punishing Rocco. He would be forced to live alone, saving the masses from persecution, until that day when a woman with the truest kind of love would accept him both as a heavenly being and as a man. Only if she is willing to sacrifice everything to save him can he walk as a man upon the Earth.

She has her hands full trying to save her brother and doesn’t need an avenging angel mucking up the works…

In the twenty-first century, taking care of a brother who is homeless and suffering from PTSD after serving in the Marines is no easy task. Catharina Spokane is also trying to start a coffee shop in a luxury hotel and playing her violin for the homeless at a soup kitchen. Then a stranger arrives to heal and protect her brother. When she discovers he is The Watcher, said to be a protector of the unfortunate souls on the street, Catharina finds herself drawn into a conspiracy of greed and a dangerous love, forbidden by God. Does she have what it takes to save him—and herself—or will her indecision and lack of trust doom them both?

KIFARU (Enigma Series Book 4)

Kifaru is another action-adventure ride with the Enigma team. A story laced with half-truths and hidden treasure, brings our reluctant heroes to expose deception and force a naïve husband to participate in the world of crime.

Tessa Scott thinks taking her children to Squaw Valley for a skiing trip will be a great way to relax. The vacation turns out to be more of an adventure than she plans when a mysterious sedan follows her onto a snow-packed highway. She stops at a convenience store with the children and convinces a man to help her get away, only to discover the stranger is a bigger threat.

When his newest agent, Tessa Scott, disappears under his watchful eyes, Captain Hunter races to save her from a dangerous man. When the stranger convinces her to help save an African nation from a brutal dictator, Hunter can’t prevent her from taking matters into her own hands. He needs to find her before falling victim to more deceit and the nasty business of conflict diamonds. An avalanche complicates the rescue until an enemy intervenes to save them both from certain death.

Never in his wildest dreams did Tessa’s husband, Robert Scott, think he’d be the target of an FBI investigation in a money laundering scheme. Kidnapped by men promising bodily harm, he lands in a secret location where escape appears impossible. Interrogated and drugged, he’s dumped in a parking garage. In the days that follow, he continues to look over his shoulder in fear of more trouble or the chance his wife will find out about the dead woman in his hotel room.

Blood on the Wall

Shira bas Haran is the Judean mother of an infant named Jabal. Jabal is one of the innocents King Herod marks for slaughter in his insane attempt to destroy all male babies under the age of two. Herod’s purpose is the destruction of the baby Jesus, born in Bethlehem, fearing that Jesus will rise up, be crowned king, and rob Herod of his power.

Blood on the Wall depicts Shira’s efforts to avenge the murder of her son, dethrone Herod, and drive the hated Romans from Judea.

The leader of the Judean revolutionaries is a deserter from the Roman legion, Captain Romulo de Vincius. He and Shira become lovers. Shira is at his side when Romulo dies of battle wounds. She then becomes the leader of the rebel resisters, is captured, and serves thirty years in prison. Escaping prison, she encounters Jesus, who is now thirty-three years old. He heals her of an old disease, and she suffers with him when he is crucified.

A Bag of Gold

In the rough and rowdy days of 1883 Kansas, Will Savage, former range detective is called back into action to smoke out a cold-blooded killer. His job is not to arrest the man but to reward him for the murder of the Abilene marshal.

During his search, Savage stops an outlaw named Barefoot from hanging a young boy. Barefoot challenges Savage and Will shoots him. He takes the body into Buffalo Flats and learns the town marshal is the brother of the killer he’s been sent to find, however, Will has more to worry about. The Barefoot clan wants revenge on Savage because ‘he killed our kin’, and Will lines up for a shootout.

You don’t want to miss this gripping tale of the old west, or the unwavering character of two strong men, each dedicated to doing the right thing. One is determined to deliver the bag of gold; the other hell bent to keep him from it.

Ajax & Elbow Grease

John Willingham comes home from the war and marries his high school sweetheart, Holly. The love of his life. However, his mother Clara is jealous of Holly and forces her out of his life.

To get away from Clara’s fiery attitude, John gets cozy with former prostitute, Josie Cramer. When Clara finds out about her son’s relationship with Josie, she becomes hell-bent to rescue her son from the clutches of ‘that evil woman’, and pays Josie a visit.

John discovers Josie’s naked body on the floor of her bedroom, then finds out about his mother’s visit warning Josie to ‘stay away from her son’. Holly and Clara are the only two women in his life he has really cared about. With his wife out of the picture, he doesn’t want his mother to go to jail for murder so he turns himself in.

Will John spend time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, or will justice prevail?

The Cold Trail (Book 4 – The Kruger Series)

With the help of his friend, JR Diminski, retired FBI profiler Sean Kruger rescues a female graduate student after she is kidnapped from the university campus where he teaches. He finds the abduction too familiar. From 1999 through 2002 six female college students vanished, without a trace, from four different college campuses across the country. As the lead FBI investigator on those now cold cases, his failure to find the women and the person responsible still haunts him.

When JR discovers a clue to the identity of the kidnapper, Kruger comes out of retirement to re-examine the abductions. His ensuing investigation will lead him down a dark trail: one of dark money and even darker passions.

Will Sean succeed or will the past repeat itself?

Tightly plotted with the trademark twists and turns of a J.C. Fields’ novel, The Cold Trail will keep you turning pages late into the night.

Purple & Princess Sunflower

It is time to escape to Sunflower Shangri-La!  These whimsical flowers will show you how to have fun in the sun!  Purple & Princess Sunflower will capture your hearts and have you dancing to the rhythm of life. Princess Sunflower says, “Manifest your Best!  Take a chance!  Turn on some music and DANCE!”