The Bitch Madam (Book 2 – Max Black Series)

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World War II is almost over, but crime never rests and Max Black is back in action!

Max is called, by his friend and chief of police detectives Pat, to an alley where a former client has been brutally murdered. It’s clear the crime was committed by a man named Striker and is related to the mysterious notebook stolen from Springfield’s crime boss Russo. Shelly, Max’s secretary/girlfriend works diligently in the office to gather as much helpful information as she can for the investigation.

She finds out Russo knows if the notebook gets into the hands of the law, he and many of his counter parts will be brought down. It’s crucial that he finds it fast. However, Mary Biscayne, a woman who controls the city’s prostitution racket, knows if she gets her hands on the notebook before Russo, the cops or anyone else, she will be able to blackmail the mobster for just about anything she wants and she will have the power.

Max follows clue after clue to find the killer and the notebook first. He trails Striker to the bordello owned by the city’s dominatrix, Della Frost, whom Mary has no control over. There he almost nails Striker, but the criminal has the devil on his side and narrowly escapes, making Max more determined to put a bullet between the man’s eyes and any who get in his way. However, he can’t figure out who hired the robbery and the killing.

Join Max as he and Pat team up, with a little help from Shelly, in their relentless effort to solve these mysteries. Will they get the job done before the city of Springfield is at the mercy of the ruthless criminals? Or, will Max solve the case and put the bastards behind bars?