Blood on the Wall

Shira bas Haran is the Judean mother of an infant named Jabal. Jabal is one of the innocents King Herod marks for slaughter in his insane attempt to destroy all male babies under the age of two. Herod’s purpose is the destruction of the baby Jesus, born in Bethlehem, fearing that Jesus will rise up, be crowned king, and rob Herod of his power.

Blood on the Wall depicts Shira’s efforts to avenge the murder of her son, dethrone Herod, and drive the hated Romans from Judea.

The leader of the Judean revolutionaries is a deserter from the Roman legion, Captain Romulo de Vincius. He and Shira become lovers. Shira is at his side when Romulo dies of battle wounds. She then becomes the leader of the rebel resisters, is captured, and serves thirty years in prison. Escaping prison, she encounters Jesus, who is now thirty-three years old. He heals her of an old disease, and she suffers with him when he is crucified.