Bottom’s Up

When patient Chris Wayne is brought in to the urgent care clinic for a laceration on his backside, Nurse Practitioner Shelly Jinsen is taken aback by his refusal to let her stitch him up. Her anger is put aside when he finally agrees to let her treat him and she thinks he’s a nice guy. It has been a long time since a man has tipped her emotions over the edge, but she’s romantically interested in this handsome cowboy and accepts his invitation for a lunch date.

Country music star Chris Brock realizes Nurse Jinsen has no idea who he is. She only knows his given name Chris Wayne, not his stage name of Brock. His interest in her is so strong he doesn’t want to tell her about his #1 hit songs or his career in the music business. He doesn’t really go for groupies and longs for a normal connection with a woman. He’s pleased when she accepts his lunch offer, and continues his charade during their outing. However, when he sees her at his concert at Caesars Palace he knows the gig is up.

Will Shelly recognize that Chris Wayne Brock isn’t the nice guy she thought he was? Or will their short relationship survive his lies?