Creative Nonfiction

A Star That Twinkled

Tommy Kizziah was born in 1915, into a musical family. An ugly child with a cocked eye, most people thought Tommy was retarded, including his father who was ashamed to be seen with the boy. However, Tommy’s talent of playing the guitar and singing soon showed them they were wrong. His Father bought him his […]

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Dread the Fred

By Joyce Ragland: A robot created by high school students in an underfunded, rural school district, comes out of nowhere to dominate the national competition. Dread the Fred – Amazon Dread the Fred – B&N  

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Throwaway Child

By Joyce Ragland: His dad threw rocks, spiteful words, and a pitchfork at him. His mother told him he should have been stillborn. John A. Garrison vowed he would never be poor again. Being poor left you at the mercy of mean people. He graduated from eighth grade then went off to make his way in […]

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