Ajax & Elbow Grease

John Willingham comes home from the war and marries his high school sweetheart, Holly. The love of his life. However, his mother Clara is jealous of Holly and forces her out of his life. To get away from Clara’s fiery attitude, John gets cozy with former prostitute, Josie Cramer. When Clara finds out about her […]

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Angel on My Back

Amazon: Angel on My Back | B & N: Angel on My Back When Jake Hannity loses his wife to leukemia he realizes he’s not as tough as he thought. Now it’s too late to apologize for treating her badly and to tell her she’s the only woman he could ever love. He feels guilty […]

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The Discovery of Joy

How does one reinvent their life? Rebuilding a life from scrap takes courage. When three separate women, Julie, Andrea and Claudine find themselves, and in the process discover a spring of joy erupting from a dry rock?  

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