A Bag of Gold

In the rough and rowdy days of 1883 Kansas, Will Savage, former range detective is called back into action to smoke out a cold-blooded killer. His job is not to arrest the man but to reward him for the murder of the Abilene marshal. During his search, Savage stops an outlaw named Barefoot from hanging […]

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A Star That Twinkled

Tommy Kizziah was born in 1915, into a musical family. An ugly child with a cocked eye, most people thought Tommy was retarded, including his father who was ashamed to be seen with the boy. However, Tommy’s talent of playing the guitar and singing soon showed them they were wrong. His Father bought him his […]

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Blood on the Wall

Shira bas Haran is the Judean mother of an infant named Jabal. Jabal is one of the innocents King Herod marks for slaughter in his insane attempt to destroy all male babies under the age of two. Herod’s purpose is the destruction of the baby Jesus, born in Bethlehem, fearing that Jesus will rise up, […]

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