Heavens to Betsy

By Norma Eaton: Born with a life-threatening heart defect, Kara, a case worker with the Department of Family and Children Services, knows God saved her for a purpose. He gave her extra years to accomplish what is His calling; to make sure children are given a fair chance in life.

Not knowing how long she has to live, there is no place in her future for a romantic relationship, which has never been a problem until she meets Kevin, a handsome defense attorney, who causes havoc with her feelings.

She lives on a farm with her pets in a house needing many repairs and drives an old Buick needing just as much maintenance. He lives in a high-rise condo, drives an expensive Mini convertible and does not understand anyone who wants the hassle of owning a home. She is building a Kids Haven out of her old barn and he is living a life of ease in the city with no commitments to anything permanent, especially pets and children.

He respects her faith but no longer believes in God which is heartbreaking to Kara. What terrible thing happened in his life to make him turn his back on God? With nothing in common, and on opposite sides of a case in the courtroom, they are still attracted to each other; but Kara will never burden anyone with her health problems.

She tells him their association cannot go beyond friendship. Kevin is puzzled by this until he learns her illness is the reason behind her reluctance toward romance and he tries to abide by her wishes.

Being just friends does not work out. They try a strictly business relationship, but that, too, does not wipe away what Kara feels in her heart. She tries desperately to show him how wonderful life is with God by his side, and prays he will find true love even if it is not her.
Through comical calamities and catastrophic happenings, their bond grows stronger. The old saying, opposites attract, never rang so true; but can it erase the complications thrown their way?

And then there’s Betsy.

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