KIFARU (Enigma Series Book 4)

Kifaru is another action-adventure ride with the Enigma team. A story laced with half-truths and hidden treasure, brings our reluctant heroes to expose deception and force a naïve husband to participate in the world of crime.

Tessa Scott thinks taking her children to Squaw Valley for a skiing trip will be a great way to relax. The vacation turns out to be more of an adventure than she plans when a mysterious sedan follows her onto a snow-packed highway. She stops at a convenience store with the children and convinces a man to help her get away, only to discover the stranger is a bigger threat.

When his newest agent, Tessa Scott, disappears under his watchful eyes, Captain Hunter races to save her from a dangerous man. When the stranger convinces her to help save an African nation from a brutal dictator, Hunter can’t prevent her from taking matters into her own hands. He needs to find her before falling victim to more deceit and the nasty business of conflict diamonds. An avalanche complicates the rescue until an enemy intervenes to save them both from certain death.

Never in his wildest dreams did Tessa’s husband, Robert Scott, think he’d be the target of an FBI investigation in a money laundering scheme. Kidnapped by men promising bodily harm, he lands in a secret location where escape appears impossible. Interrogated and drugged, he’s dumped in a parking garage. In the days that follow, he continues to look over his shoulder in fear of more trouble or the chance his wife will find out about the dead woman in his hotel room.