Paranormal Short Stories

by Sharon Kizziah-Holmes”

HOUSE OF SILENCE: Bailey wakes up in the late night hours to find her husband, Ken, isn’t in bed. She knows he’s been working hard to finish the Mystery manuscript he’s been writing, and she should be used this, but she misses the warmth of him lying beside her. She goes downstairs to get him to come up and get some rest, however, there’s an eerie quiet throughout the house. She fears something is wrong.

When she reaches the study, she finds Ken slumped over his desk. Her heart sinks until she realizes he is only sleeping. She wakes him, but there is something unusual about him. Something she can’t put her finger on.

Morning brings a rude awakening when someone is pounding at the front door. The police are waiting on the porch when she answers. They bring news she doesn’t believe, but soon she will never forget.

THE LOOK OF FOREVER: Billy Joe Riley was Julia’s first love. She thought he’d be her only love. Was he? She has never come to terms with what happened, but is proud she’s gone on with her life, and has all but forgotten that horrible time. However, the past comes back to haunt her when she goes to the train station to pick up her husband.

Billy Joe appears out of nowhere. Seeing him again opens old wounds she thought were long buried. Memories she has pushed to the back of her mind, race forward more vivid than ever.

What does he want? Can she resist the temptation to be with him again? Will the encounter bring heartache to her husband and children? The answer is something she’s been waiting to know, for a long, long time.


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