Ride the Storm

The night Samantha Rainwater shot and killed her abusive father to save her mother’s life, she’d been a scared six year old. Twenty years later, she’s known as country singer Rain Storm and has never had a successful relationship with a man, because the memory of her violent behavior still haunts her. However, while performing in Las Vegas, she meets handsome cowboy, Luke Dilashaw. She makes a grave mistake, follows her feelings, and allows him into her heart and her bed only to have him walk out on her.

Frustrated and confused, Luke regrets leaving Rain Storm, the only woman who’s ever pulled at his heart strings, but he doesn’t know what lies ahead for him. He understands life on the rodeo circuit is no place for a lady, but more pressing, he has found out his biological father is critically ill and if he doesn’t meet him immediately, it could be too late. Ultimately, under circumstances beyond their control, Luke and Samantha find themselves together again. When someone threatens Sammi’s life and she disappears, Luke vows to find her, but will he be too late?

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