Romantic Short Stories

RIDE OF A LIFETIME: (novelette) When Stacy Jones wins a trip to a dude ranch, she vows to make the best of it. However, even after being warned by Daron Tyler, the owner of the ranch, she is caught up in the beauty of the morning, and forgets the dangers that lurk in the Texas foot hills. Her unintended mistake makes her ranch experience much more than she bargains for.

NO ROOM TO SPARE: (novelette)  D*Lacy Mason is headed for a life changing situation when she decides to attend a writers’ conference at Lake of the Ozarks where her favorite Mystery writer, Jaymon Vance, is set to be keynote speaker. She’s forced to accept the compromise he offers of sharing the only room available at the B&B, and tries to ignore his arrogance, but his masculinity is another matter.

SOMETIMES IT’S NOT FOREVER: (short story) When the man of Clari Potter’s dreams dies in the line of duty, she fears she will never love again, but life changes when a friend tells her a secret. Soon, love once again fills Clari’s heart and the undisclosed message stays buried, except behind closed doors.

REVAMPED: (novella) Shannon Rhea is eerily drawn to a small community in Texas. The antique shop she wants to buy is thought to be haunted, but she doesn’t believe in ghosts. However, when the handsome Mayor of Jonesville Township, Cary Jones, insists she know the full history of the building, she realizes there is something odd in the way she feels about him, but logic tells her they’ve never met. Still, a question lingers. Has she known him, even loved him in another life?

SPRINGTIME SNOW: (short story) Romance Author Judith Cane has a hard time writing her genre because her own life is void of romance. Then, someone from her past brings love and passion back to her, and vows to make her happy for a lifetime.

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