The Sisters of Madelaine Street

Sisters India and Shelby Graham couldn’t be more different.

India left their Missouri home town for life in the big city, Shelby remained, working as a nurse, looking for true love with the wrong man and being a buddy to her fifteen year-old daughter, Quinn.

When India returns home to heal after a personal tragedy, she realizes things in her family aren’t quite right, and Quinn is struggling with a heavy weight. India forms a fragile bond with Quinn, a bond that is tested over and over again.

Shelby is pursued by the town grocer, a mysterious electrician captivates India and Quinn meets the nicest boy she’s ever known. But nothing’s ever perfect, is it. Under the watchful eye of their childhood confidant, Gwen, the sisters bicker, love and learn, shifting the puzzle pieces around, but will they turn out to be a perfect fit?