SALVATION is the first book of a spiritual trilogy. Jack and his family are beset with great joy and losses. Join them as their lives follow God’s plan. 

When ten year old Jack Pearson’s life is saved by his guardian angel, Olivia, his world is turned upside down. However, with Olivia’s guidance, over time he finds his way. Then his heart is broken when the angel tells him she couldn’t save his fiance Barbara from dying in a violent car crash. 

Years later, Jack has come to the realization he will never find another love, but fate once again shows its hand when Barbara’s younger sister Jennifer steps into his life. Olivia appears to Jennifer and Jack and tells them they are destined to be together, but warns them of evil forces they must guard against. 

Jack and Jennifer are happy at the arrival of their first child, Angel, who at four years old claims she talks to her aunt Barbara through a portrait. Angel is a sweet, beautiful little girl who has special powers, but are they of the evil forces Olivia warned about, or will Angel’s extraordinary gift be from the Divine? 

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