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Dark Side of Morning (Wind Dancer)

Dr. Cleopatra Sommers never came to terms with her father’s disappearance at the Museum of Natural History in Chicago. He had been a Native American scholar that explored avenues of unexplained spiritual paths in their cultures. The museum had been her home and playground growing up when her father spent long hours working. She was always drawn to one display case holding a mannequin of a Pawnee Indian. There was no way she could know he watched her all those years until the night he crossed over to find her.

Detective Jacque Marquette never expected to get involved with a beautiful doctor suspected of stealing priceless artifacts from a Native American Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Meeting his identical twin from another time and place added a layer of concern when he discovered the truth about his powers. Only with the help of a Pawnee warrior from two hundred years ago could help him save his city from a deadly disease brought in from a parallel universe.

Wind Dancer had loved the little girl who grew up before him for years. When he decided to cross over to prevent his enemy from finding Dr. Sommers, he had no way of knowing the bombardment of changes that would assault his view of reality. Navigating the future proves to be complicated as he teams up with a grumpy detective to hunt down a common enemy. The unexpected price to saving humanity would be to sacrifice Dr. Sommers to the Morning Star in order to avert disaster.