The Alluring Travler

By Kathleen Garnsey: Jorell Sutone’s father Alextor, lies next to death; poisoned by an unknown enemy who plans to take over the government by ending the life of the last signer of the Tri-Planet Treaty, which maintains planetary peace. This nemesis has already murdered the other two leaders on Okeron. Jorell needs help. She hires The Traveler, a rumored scoundrel who time-travels and wreaks havoc wherever he goes. The moment she meets the alluring traveler, her life is turned upside and she’s surprised when the man provides the one thing she has been missing – love.

Kane Sinue has time-traveled for many female clients over the annual-cycles, but Jorell Sutone immediately captures his heart. He agrees to help save her father for the good of the planet and in the process of stopping a government take-over, he finds a love he never knew existed. However, events of the past emerge that threaten to separate Kane from the woman he loves forever.

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