A Woman’s Touch

By Norma Eaton: When Janet’s employer, whom she loves as a father, suffers a heart attack and is near death, she has no alternative but to fly to a remote area in Montana to get his estranged son Patrick to sign papers giving her Power of Attorney. This will allow her to carry on negotiations for Mayhew Enterprises.

Patrick assumes this beautiful woman is another ploy his father sent to “woo” him back to St Louis. Too bitter toward his father to listen, Patrick turns a deaf ear when Janet tries to convince him that Christopher Mayhew is a changed person since he’s found God.

Then she learns Patrick has an eleven year old son he has kept secret all these years. She begs him to tell his father he has a grandson but Patrick adamantly refuses. She knows the boy will give Christopher reason to fight for his life, while she desperately battles the fact that she’s having romantic feelings for this tall, handsome…stubborn Montana Ranger.

Matt, Patrick’s son, adores Janet who also is enamored with him. Matt openly plays match-maker, telling his dad that they need “A Woman’s Touch”. Although Patrick has never felt for a woman the way he does for Janet, they live in two different worlds and a relationship will never work. However, the way their passionate embraces and kisses pull at his heart strings, cannot be denied. He tries to persuade Janet to forget they ever met, but convincing his heart he means what he says is another matter.

Never did Janet think she would fall so hard for a man she just met. In his arms is where she belongs and she’s sure he feels the same, but she will never leave Christopher and Patrick refuses to forgive his father.

Her heart is broken and it’s time to go, but just before she is scheduled to return to St. Louis, Matt disappears and they are caught in the harrowing experience.

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